InRetail Summit: Saudi Arabia 2015

AZDEF participated in the annual InRetail Summit Saudi Arabia April 13th & 14th. Saudi Arabia is the 16th most visited country in the world and is among the top 20 best and prosperous retail sectors in the world. Last year 17 million visited Saudi Arabia, which makes it the most attractive markets in retail.
The summit witnessed a fruitful series of deliberations, discussions and exchange of ideas and visions around the eight major challenges that the retail sector is facing in Saudi Arabia. The sector prosperity is proportionally growing with the population growth and the increasing purchasing power of the Saudi consumer.

A cross-section of top businessmen and top executives expressed their optimism about the success of the summit and hoped that its conclusions would have a positive impact on the retail trade and its development.

Over the two days, the summit provided a platform for the leading businessmen, traders, shopping malls owners and solution providers to explore the emerging directions, new strategies and the growth of the consumer base.

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